About NEPA Rainbow

Mission: The NEPA Rainbow Alliance provides education, support, and advocacy for LGBTQA individuals and families while working to advance fairness and equality. 


Vision: We envision a future where all people in Northeastern Pennsylvania can live openly and free from fear; where individuals, organizations, and businesses work collaboratively to provide an equal, inclusive community; and where we celebrate and nurture our diversity. To work towards this future we will educate and empower our volunteers to create strategic, peer-driven, sustainable programming overseen by strengthened volunteer leadership.


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Thanks for a great Pridefest!


Saturday, August 15th, from 2:00-8:15 in Pittston on the Tomato Festival Grounds:
49 S. Main St., Pittston, PA 18640

Admission is $5. See our Pridefest page for full information!


The NEPA Rainbow Alliance sponsors a Trans Discussion group and a support group for Parents of Transgender Children

Trans Discussion Group The group meets monthly with topics of discussion around transgender issues from mental and emotional health to physical health and peer support. The group is facilitated by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. The group also has a private Facebook group. To learn more, see the Facebook group, email info@gaynepa.com, or call us.

NEPA Parents of Transgender Children - Support Group  This group, a collaborative effort between Karen Foley, LMFT and The Rainbow Alliance is open to parents or guardians of transgender, gender fluid or gender variant children of any age.  This group offers support, resources and education.  This is not a therapeutic group but it is confidential.  Location, date and time is private.  Introduction into the group can be made by contacting: Karen M. Foley, LMFT at 570-290-7166 or by email at nepaptc@gmail.com  There is no fee for the group.


Thanks to the City of Pittston for their warm welcome in this year's St. Patrick's Day Parade!






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